I’m a designer that loves building products to help people and teams make better decisions.

I’m currently revamping the patient experience at Echo so more people can get the medicine they need. Previously I was working on internal tools for our clinical and operational staff.

This website serves as a small showcase of work from the last few years, both personal and for startups.

Email: mail@samking.co

Instagram: @samkingco

Twitter: @samkingco

Location: London

Previous work


Lyst is one of the biggest online fashion aggregators with over 11,000 designers & retailers and an inventory of millions.


Figuring out when to take photos outdoors can be a real nightmare. Rizon is an app that alerts you when Golden Hour is approaching so you never miss out on that perfect light.


I like to make small products for myself. Usually they're just for learning, so they've typically been focused on specific problems I was having at the time.




Echo are simplifying pharmacy and making medication work for everyone. I'm currently revamping our patient experience so it works better for a wider range of people.



Deliveroo delivers the food you love, straight to your door. I worked on the Restaurants team making tools and apps that helped improve the delivery experience for restaurant partners.



MutualArt aims to connect collectors of art with private sellers while also providing in depth art market analysis. I helped to polish the site after a redesign, and introduce some new features like auction analytics and a new artist detail page. I also worked on an exhibition finding app for iOS.



Lyst is one of the biggest online fashion aggregators with an enormous inventory and a universal checkout experience. I worked in the web team focusing on improving conversion and the discoverability of products. I also worked on print & marketing campaigns (posters, shooting photos for social). Shortly before leaving, I was part of a 4 person team working on a substantial internal dashboard project allowing the site to support retailer promotions, internally promoted content and much more.

RetailMeNot, .Inc


RetailMeNot is product that helps people save money at their favourite brands. The bulk of my work there was on the mobile app that allowed for the instore redemption of vouchers. The rest of the time I was working on small features for the website, along with producing various print collateral for events and the Sales and Marketing teams.



Solutions was a small local agency where I worked on sites for local businesses, NHS trusts, and The Charity Commission.

Freelance Photographer & Designer


I began my career shooting photos for BMX publications and small fashion companies. This led to my insterest in design where I began designing and building websites for local businesses.