Lyst is one of the biggest online fashion aggregators with over 11,000 designers & retailers and an inventory of millions.

2014—2016Product, Interface, Engineering,

The web product

I joined as a designer in the web team where we worked towards increasing conversion and improving the discoverability of the huge inventory. I worked on a wide range of projects on the website including a new header and navigation, new product pages, editorial content, and a homepage redesign.

Header Desktop
Header Mobile
Product pages
Refined product pages
Sales Hub
Editorial content
Type Pages
Category navigation

Internal tools

I was also part of a small team tasked with building a product to promote certain content to various places on the site. Users selected certain types of content like products or articles, and then they chose where to promote it based on some conditions and exclusions. The website could then request promoted content wherever it needed it. The service would send a list of promotions, making sure to cycle content so the same promotion wasn't seen over and over.

As this product got a little more complex, we decided that it would be a good idea if eventually the dashboard would house all our other internal dashboards and tools. We called it Lyst OS. As it happened, shortly after that decision, a new product was in the pipeline which would allow internal teams to manage promotions and discounts for certain retailers. It made sense to build it directly into Lyst OS. I worked almost exclusively on this new dashboard (both design and front-end) while the rest of the team continued work on the promoted content dashboard and the supporting backend.

The best decision we made was to create some basic components early on—things like form elements, typography, and layout. This was my first introduction to "design systems". I learnt a whole lot more about building truly reusable components and systems than I would just hacking on side projects.

As far as I know, Lyst OS is still being worked on with new dashboards being added. Because of the solid foundations, it has apparently been very resilient and ‘stood the test of time’.

Lyst OS Promotions dashboard
Lyst OS form components
Lyst OS Promotions dashboard & a whole host of form components

Wheneve I had some downtime, I tried to build small tools that would help other teams in some way. One of those small tools was for the editorial team (or anyone in the company) to crop and resize images for certain presets like article images or social posts. This was accompanied by a chrome extension to preview their cropped images on the Lyst website.

Drop Crop Pop
Drop Crop & Pop


The design team also shared responsibility of working on marketing campaigns and social content. This meant I worked on some print collateral and even some poster campaigns that were used in Old Street tube station take overs, and fly posting in New York.

Old Street Takeover
NYC Takeover