I like to make small products for myself. Usually they're just for learning, so they've typically been focused on specific problems I was having at the time.

2015—2017Product, Interface, Engineering


I wanted to start forming better habits, but most habit trackers are either crazy complicated, or far too limiting in what you can track. I figured I mostly had two types of goals; amount based, and time based. I made this little app around those two types. You either increment a counter, or start/stop a timer.

Habits app
Habits app flows
The whole app and “add new” flow
Habits app concepts
Alternate versions

Having daily and weekly goals also gave me flexibility when ramping up to a new habit, instead of setting ridiculous goals right off the bat. I also liked the idea of keeping a tab on streaks to reinforce positive behaviour, but it was hard to do without making myself feel bad about missing a day.

Spot list

When I travel, I usually have a huge list of things I want to see. I wanted a nice way of keeping track of all the places I planned on visiting, and what I actually got round to doing. I built a very basic version on the plane to New York using Underscore templates. When I got home, I improved the design, but never got round to building the newer version. I also took a lot of inspiration from Rizon in terms of colour palette and overall style.

Spot list that was built on the plane
The version that I made on the plane and used for my trip
First redesign of the spot list app
Second redesign of the spot list app
Refresh of the spot list app
More refined versions of the app design

Note keeper

Most note apps just drop you in to your list of notes, but I found myself constantly adding new ones instead of viewing old ones. I made this simple app to add new notes quickly. You're always dropped into the new note screen instead. I also wanted a way to tag notes with just hashtags for easier organisation.

Notekeeper app - new note
Notekeeper app - all notes and filters